Memories of Gloucester Airport, Part I

by Linda Grow    

Growing up in the 50’s in a very sleepy neck of land called Ware Neck in Gloucester County you had very little excitement or amusement. For amusement on beautiful days, when the sky was bright blue and puffy clouds looked like cotton, my Mom would give us (my younger sister and brother) a quilt and tell us to go outside, lay out in the yard and watch the sky for planes and see how many shapes we could see in the clouds. I remember clearly the day that an airplane went over as we were lying there and I said “I wonder if the people in the airplane could see us and what we looked like to them?” I said I wanted to do that some day. I want to be brave and fly in an airplane and go over our house. Not my sister! She said you are crazy and we giggled and laughed about it, but I knew in my heart I would someday do just that.

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